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About Us

The words “You should have been there” are never said to a retromarine man because whatever he does always sounds better, more perfect, and definitely more envy-worthy. A man at ease with life always has that power. What is about this guy?
Trailblazer, bon vivant, a modern day Hemingway? Of course he would naturally
decline such comparisons. He’d much rather focus on executing an inspired idea
or just living in the moment. He wears the mantel of power lightly and knows how
to have fun. His sense of humor is one of his best assets. Wardrobing these mod-
ern day explorers, living an uncharted life, takes a man that has the same heart and
soul. Juan Jaramillo founded retromarine, when other menswear brands fell short
of his vision. Inspired by the ideals of the Golden Era, retromarine is a modern
take on nostalgia, designed to enhance your life by bringing the best parts of the
past to the present. Welcome aboard.